Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 125: Amanojuko Part 10

Alex and Inajda have left the scientists to their work, (to catch up on a lot of lost mother and daughter time.) Meanwhile Katherine and Anesidor discuss the Amanojuko virus. (The Amanojuko mentioned are Ichitumbu Jalhavi and Helga Ritter.) (If you have missed this series and would like to start reading from the very beginning of this story, please visit Issue 110: Farokh Merek Part 3) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine's backstory set in Professor Sumian's transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)
Katherine’s backstory set in Professor Sumian’s transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)

16 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 125: Amanojuko Part 10

  1. In the midst of a gripping sci-fi story you explore the morality of what a person would do for immortality. Further what a person would become if they accepted such a life. Some interesting food for thought about human nature.

    1. Thanks, Helena, yes it’s really interesting that Katherine is in this predicament as opposed to some of the other more outwardly emotional and less ‘scientific’ characters. We’ll see where this leads her, maybe into temptation, but maybe somewhere else…

  2. “A trace of blood on a sword is a huge oversight. I see breadcrumbs.” Nice!
    I like that bit of the conversation, the drawing as always is wonderful.

    1. Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do if I was in the same predicament as Katherine. Those are definitely breadcrumbs! Glad you’re enjoying this story.

  3. I’m always excited to see each new episode. Wonderful work. I love the way each chapter moves the story to an interesting climax – I’m eager to find out what will happen next. Thanks

  4. I have absolute faith in Katherine; she’ll never betray her morality, let alone Alex’s. Then again, immortality may not necessarily mean a deleterious outcome, if they are not willing participants or previously subjected to brainwashing. I am hopeful.

    1. Hi Vera, Katherine’s very stubborn, and she’s worked for the resistance for so many years I think choosing to give in to her enemy would be abhorrent to her. (She’d rather die) You’re right she is very moral, (unusual maybe for a scientist) but she has always felt dispossessed and betrayed by her father (a fellow scientist) and as a result is quite a humane but rigid character. She is very loyal to her cause, which is to prevent the Amanojuko from taking power and I don’t think she would at any stage be tempted to join them willingly. We’ll see, can’t wait to post the next issue. Thank you, and Katherine says ‘Hi’.

    1. Thanks John, I’m glad you’re enjoying reading them. I’m excited about where this series is heading. Better go and illustrate another… (I think this series will last us for a good part of the year)

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