Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 354: Love and Death

Katherine is recovering from her operation, in her apartment. She has been ordered not to remove the bandages on her eyes for seven days, to allow the nerves to heal. The technology, which is being used to repair her sight, is beyond anything allowed outside the ship, and Katherine is impatient and curious to learn more, when she recovers. However her thoughts drift towards Alexand, and the cure promised by Katherine’s future self. She lies in her bed, imagining Alexand next to her. This story celebrates the Eight year Anniversary of Unbound Boxes on wordpress. Eight years ago I very nervously let go of Issue # 1: Alexand Merek, not knowing how she would be received. Thank you to everyone who has supported her and my other characters over these eight short years.

Katherine’s back story, set onboard the Kyuunansen (3991)