Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 350: Time

Katherine has spent the past few weeks under Ajeeta Kothari’s strict rehabilitation programme, and her recovery has accelerated. She has been waiting to undergo an operation to restore her eyesight. There is a day to go, and she is getting impatient. (This issue is dedicated to Margot Kidder, one of my childhood heroes. You always were and will ever be the best, the funniest, gutsiest, most unpredictably brilliant and warmest, Lois Lane.)

Katherine’s back story, set onboard the Kyuunansen (3991)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 348: Juba Apfvarzian Part 5

Juba Apfvarzian moves around Mogadishu, to escape from some very suspicious people, who seem to be observing him from a distance. He has spent a few good months at peace, without feeling followed, has even met a girl, called Lucy, and they are living together. He performs street magic to make money. They’re happy, and everything is going well with his life, until he gets that feeling of being watched again.

Juba’s back story, set in Somalia (3991)