Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 519: Fighting Monsters Part 10

Inajda and Alexand have followed Inajda’s childhood friend to the old apartment building which used to be their home. Alexand wants to hold back until the Haernyara leaves, but Inajda has accepted that her hideout has been compromised, and insists on following Anya inside, to whatever end. (See Issue # 300: The Unbound Box Part 5, with reference to an optical shield in Longsheng)

Alexand’s back story, set in Russia (3992)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 518: Anya

Anya’s memories have been triggered by her return to Moscow. She has been awarded two hours leave, by Helga Ritter, for presenting the American president with the Bad Thing Box. Fully aware that there is a tracking device in her wrist, she is compelled to visit her parent’s old home, to return to a place full of good memories.

Anya’s back story, set in Russia, (3992)