Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 83: Maria Thamian Part 2

Maria Thamian is a drama lecturer in the University of Hong Kong and has been courting her fellow lecturer, Heyem Merek for a few weeks. She has gatecrashed one of Heyem’s lectures for the pure enjoyment of watching her girlfriend teach. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Maria's back story, set in Hong Kong University (4001)
Maria’s back story, set in Hong Kong University (4001)

38 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 83: Maria Thamian Part 2

  1. Cheryl

    I went to two private schools when I was a kid. Your story perfectly describes one of the teachers we had in one of the them. We hated her with unbound passion.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve not done much of anything with it lately; my time being filled with reading (books–history) and gardening. Last winter, I couldn’t find any excuses for not writing-other than perhaps being lazy. I have a short story comming up soon.


    1. Hi Kenny, I’ll look forward to reading your new story, please let me know when you’ve posted it. I also had quite a scary teacher when I was at school, who frightened me out of feeling competent at French. I wish now that I’d cowboyed up a little and seen her as a human being!! (Still gives me the shivers thinking about her) Thanks for reading, glad Heyem brought shivers to others too. I like to share her around a little, 😀 Still she’s one of my funniest characters to write! I’ll look forward to reading your short story as soon as you’ve posted it. Thanks, Cheryl

    1. Hi Vera, I’m glad you enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it. (I also dedicate these stories on this blog to my father. Your father would be proud that you have dedicated your blog to him.) Best wishes, Cheryl

  2. I feel sorry for this Heyem character.

    I was once told by a professor to get out of her class but I refused. I made clear that her lectures stank but as I paid the tuition fee, I was not budging. She backed down – over the weeks, we actually became close 🙂

    1. Hi Eric, that’s a great example of how standing up for yourself can also shift your opinion of the apparent bully, and also prevent them from seeing you as a target. (Although I know nothing about the circumstances or personality of your professor, and I’m glad you were able to settle your differences and become close) In Heyem’s case she has social problems, namely narcissistic personality disorder and is almost incapable of forming healthy relationships, unless the other person is willing to attempt to make exceptions for her.

  3. Hi Cheryl , wow! what an interesting blog , so much to keep me busy reading! love what you’re doing here! lovely illustrations too! , just wanted to drop by and thank you for the follow , have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Isi, I love your watercolours, they’re very unusual and stylistic, and have great character to them. Thank you, I’m glad you like the stories, you’re very welcome here. You have a great day too! All the best, Cheryl

    1. LOL, well Heyem is glad of your support, I’m pleased you enjoyed her story. (She’s one of my favourite characters to write for, as she makes me laugh, even though she doesn’t mean to.) Thank you 😀

  4. Ha, well my opinion of Heyem has not changed! She’s a great creation – she reminds me of people! But I can see her softer side – it makes her so much more powerful to read. The drawing is perfect!

    1. She’s based on someone quite close to me, who I can’t mention, which is why she’s got so many sides, (softer as well) so she’s very real and a great catharsis really. Call her therapy! Thanks Richard, glad you like the drawing too. I think of the illustrations as photographs, capturing the characters, so the reality in my mind is translated to people reading the story, so they know them as well as (or better than) I do.

  5. This was fun! I’m a teacher myself, and although fairly well-rated by students I understand Heyem’s reaction quite well.

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. What do you teach? I noticed you have some posts on SF and feminism. Very interesting reads, especially the Mary Shelley article.

      1. Thanks! Given how the odds of getting sf published are still stacked against women, it is often good to start with origins. 🙂 I teach comparative literature and science fiction. Looking forward to your next post!

  6. One could easily hate Dr. Merek…took me back to my first encounter with a college professor bastard. Can’t recall his name, BUT he threatened to fail me because I was late to a test ( I knew I was but thought I could smooze my way in). I went straight to the registrars office and dropped that class, a absolutely required course for my major. So I changed my major and thus looking back I can say probably changed my life…;)

    1. And the strange thing is, I bet your ex professor had no idea the impact it would have on you. (Yep, Heyem Merek shouldn’t be working with people in general. She’s very intolerant of children too, so she’s not in the best profession as a teacher.)

    1. Thanks Michelle, glad you’re enjoying this series as much as I enjoy traveling (virtually) with you around the world through your photography and stories. Yes, for all Heyem’s idiosyncrasies she’s dreamed up a great assignment. I’ve been waiting to get Grace O’Malley in a story somehow, if only as a name written on a board in the background!

  7. Ah, yes, having been a teacher for some time I genuinely appreciated this story. Incidentally, thaks for stopping by Paper, Mud and Me and liking “River Congo – Chapter 5.” – Aloha – pjs.

  8. Your writing just inspired me! Thanks for that. I was on the verge of closing my blog when your “Like” appeared. Curious, I wandered back over to your pond, read, and smiled. “Someone else loves commas and phrases,” I said to myself.

    Inspired, I walk away stronger than ever.
    Thank you *bows head*

    1. Aw, don’t close your blog, that would be a shame (of course it’s your choice) but I’ll certainly be visiting again! Thanks for dropping by here too. Cheryl

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