Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 84: Ancille Merevija Part 3

After being taunted by her identical twin sister, (Anastasia) who isn’t really there, Ancille has been taken for some ‘time out’ by her mother, Alexand. Alex believes an adventure may be a temporary remedy to the voice in Ancille’s head. (Ancille was left deaf when her brother, Sam and sister, Anastasia were taken by The Amanojuko and has problems with memory, due to her injuries. Her mother Alexand does her best to help her daughter recover in the years afterwards) This story is dedicated to Lee J Tyler from The Point Of The Quill, who requested an Ancille story. Thank you, Lee. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Ancille's back story, set on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (4010)
Ancille’s back story, set on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (4010)

45 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 84: Ancille Merevija Part 3

  1. The backstory for Ancille…well, I’ll write to you. But this means so much to me, I cannot express in words, or beautiful artwork your dedicating this to me means. Thank you. Love, Lee

    1. Thank you Lee. That you took time not only to read but to suggest more is an honour for me! It gives me a great feeling of joy to know my characters exist in the minds of other people too, and Ancille certainly deserves to have a little more story time.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Finally finding time to read a bunch of your longer stories tonight and enjoying them immensely. Loved this one and the drawings but also felt that the tension at the end dropped — unintentionally? — because of some confusion…on my part? Not sure. At first I thought that the narrator had already landed and broken her legs on the ground, because you wrote “I started falling, tumbling to the ground…” which implies that she reached it. But this is unclear, because then it seems that, No, the narrator finds herself in Mum’s arms and apparently still aloft. Then “I land in a heap” and then “we crash into the desert.” So you see, there are several landings! This detracts from the final “crash” and diminishes any tension you might have wanted to build.

    I suggest tightening the passage and clarification of what precisely is going on. It is your story, of course, and always your choice whether to change anything. I only make suggestions because way back when, you said you would welcome them. I hope advice remains welcome. If not, my apologies. In any event, as usual, your new drawings are very fine indeed, and the stories themselves are generally riveting. Keep up the great work!

    Pam Wagner

    1. Thanks Pam for taking time to read. Yep I think I need to get myself an editor! Once again thanks for the constructive criticism, it’s appreciated. All the best. Cheryl

  3. Hi Cheryl! Brilliant! They’re both great characters. I liked the weird twist at the end very much – it had a really nice SF feel to it. (Nearly said love the photographs) – the drawings are ace. The first one’s very atmospheric and has a funny nostalgia for the future feel.

    1. Hi Richard, thank you! I love writing about Alex and Ancille, and the dynamics between them. (Reminds me a bit, of my relationship with my own Mum, who is a very fun and inspiring sort of person and I’m a little more reserved and apathetic about enjoying life, like Ancille…. although my own Mum wouldn’t ‘encourage’ me to jump off a mountain, you can kind of get caught up in her enthusiasm for life… anyway….) Yep I always see them as photos! Once they’re drawn they’re real 🙂 The first drawing was inspired by Amelia Earhart which is why it may have an old fashioned feel to it? Glad you like it!

    1. Hey you’re welcome Lee! Thanks again for suggesting an Ancille story. She’s highly under-written. (Although she’s one of the main characters, I think I’m saving most of her for the books 🙂 )

  4. I’m moved to superlatives by this, but this story is absolutely magnificent.
    The emotion seems so real, so articulated. And I love the dual layer of her thoughts and the actions.

    I salute you, madam. A wonderful story to read. And brilliant, brilliant, captivating art.

  5. Though part of a larger whole – this can stand on its own. But the end, compels one to know more – what next. I anticipate great distress and struggles to survive injuries in the desert.

    Good one, Cheryl

    Cheers, Eric 🙂

  6. I continue to be amazed at how you can provide us with the faces of your stories. Your writing is descriptive enough, but to see the scenes as you see them- truly talented!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you so much! That means a lot to me as I’ve ‘virtually’ known you for a long time now, on FB and wp etc. I’ll check out the rules and once again, thank you. (It may take me a few days to complete as I’m writing a story at the mo, for an ongoing series called Baio-Yujia’s Ghost, but will check out the rules as soon as I have some free time) Best wishes Cheryl.

      1. Hi. Thanks its great to take people on the journey to be honest. Actually, creating the artwork can be a lonely process so taking people along with me is a lot of fun.

  7. story and illustration? very nice. i draw too but expression is hard, and you have tapped in to some strong moods (de somme, punak…2 of several)

    good for you. i’ll be following.

    jim aldrich

    1. Good to meet you Jim, I’m looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Glad you like the stories here. Thank you, all the best. Cheryl

  8. Your artwork is amazing! The story is so much to me a re-birth, a journey to experience again even in light of renewed trauma. There is a strong metaphor of flying and the sky with a mother’s womb and her protection as you write…”in Mum’s arm…I’ve got you.”

    Beautiful, Cheryl.

    1. Thank you, Allyson, the relationship between these two characters is very precious to me and I’m so glad it translates into this story. I’m pleased you enjoyed it and it had meaning to you.

  9. Your illustrations are amazing. I find that human beings are the most difficult to draw, you do them perfectly, and evoke emotion in all of your artwork. Love these flying machines! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I can’t wait to read more of your stories and see more of your art.

    1. Hi Christine, thank you, I’m enjoying reading your blog, as you have such a diverse pool of skills, from science to art. It’s good to meet you and I’m glad you like these stories, it means a lot. Yes I’d like to try one of those flying machines too! Cheryl

      1. I get caught up in the story sometimes and read a bunch at once, then get busy and come back to catch up again. 🙂

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