Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 52: Anastasia Merevija Part 2

Anastasia Merevija has been a concubine of Lord Ichitumbu Jalhavi since the age of twelve. Anastasia believes she was abandoned by her parents (Jarad Vijay and Alexand Merek) and rescued by the Amanojuko as a child. She has been given the most honourable task of making ‘what could be’ (an immortal child) out of ‘what isn’t.’ Unfortunately, the couple have had to spend their lives moving from Amanojuko castle to castle, running from Anastasia’s aunt Heyem and mother Alexand Merek. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Anastasia’s back story set in Portugal (4025)

30 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 52: Anastasia Merevija Part 2

    1. Hi Mark, thank you, I’m glad. I’d like to see your drawings if you publish them, so please let me know. I’ve written manuscripts based after these micro stories, so will hopefully have those published some day. As for the micro stories, I love the flexibility of digital media, allowing new stories to be added. A book (unless it’s one that can grow organically) is fixed and so I’m not planning on compiling the micros yet, but that may change in time.

  1. Wow, your drawings are fantastic. I’m not a true steam punk devotee but truly admire your ability to depict your characters in both word and picture. The most amazing to me is that they match! I’ll be ‘following” you and look forward to your publishing success.

  2. I love the first line and the fact that you managed to create a dark, somewhat brooding atmosphere in a relatively short sequence . The illustration is amazing too .

  3. I love the artwork here, and discussions of grasping for immortality always makes for a more gripping story. It is after all a concept that we can all relate to. Brilliant work! I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Hello, Cheryl:

    LIke the above work; you make the dark seem light, and a little titilating.

    Tell me, do you do all the Art on your pages? Melancholy, but very inspiring.

    Good Fortune on your pursuits.


    1. Hi Richard, thank you, I like your description, yes the art’s mine, it’s a compulsion! It means a lot that you took time to read and liked it enough to let me know your feelings. I appreciate it. Cheryl

  5. My comment tells you what you likely already know: the literary quality in your writing rings of long ago masters of the pen. The perils of Anastasia come to settle in one’s conscience…


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