Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 53: Ancille Merevija Part 2

Ancille lost her hearing when her brother Sam and sister Anastasia were taken by the Amanojuko as children. (See Ancille Part 1) Despite her mother, Alexand Merek’s constant encouragement and reassurance, Ancille can’t help being haunted by her absent mirror twin. (Note: The haernyarn are wraiths that serve Amanojuko lords. You can read about their conception in The Floating Asylum parts 2 3 and 4) Special thanks to Katharine Griffiths for an enjoyable interview. She asked me about my work here. You should go and check out her review and interview site, The Thiessen Review, on wordpress. You can read my interview if you’d like too? It tells you a little about why I write. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Ancille’s back story set in Takashima Japan (4011)

36 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 53: Ancille Merevija Part 2

  1. I am really liking the way you weave all these stories and lives together through time and space. Also, the interview was very interesting. I always want to know what it is that drives a person to become a writer, and it was fascinating to learn that about you! “Odd children” are great, aren’t they?

      1. You’re quite welcome! I can do portraits and am currently working on my drawing skills so I can illustrate some of my works too. You have an admirable talent 🙂

      2. I currently have an “art” section with two things I had done. But as soon as I have some illustrations up to collaborate my writings, I will show 🙂

  2. aloha cherylmoore – your writing and images fascinate me (I’m sure that happens to any one who engages in your work long enough to become settled and unsettled into it – settled into this place of unknowing yet knowing I/we belong). I realize it has taken me a while to understand how deeply your work penetrates into our/my life. it feels universal and yet also like coming home. into my own being. I’m not sure if that makes sense or not??. it just is.

    the world you create through your words and images is as complex as the one outside of your words/images. it takes a while to understand that too – for me – or maybe that’s just me. returning to your words feels more like I know where I am this time. wow do I like that.

    I like too the way your life and your work – words/images – are woven together. as harsh as that may be in some momments it stll remains a beautiful weaving. the world we live in is so hard to understand that I think we do at least some times just have to give up understanding and simply live in it. be in it. breathe in it. I think maybe that is when your work makes the most sense to me. I like that. I think that is when I feel most like I belong in this world of your words and images – as well as this other world of mine – same world(s) perhaps – when I am me not being me just being the being I am.

    i find it good reading you. thank you. aloha

    1. Hi Rick! It makes perfect sense. When I started these short stories over two years ago, I was already submerged in this world (one which has been with me for over 20 years now) but I had no idea how others would react, and indeed if I was able to take people there with me successfully. I hope that one day I’ll be able to take you further on the journey, when I eventually get the first manuscript published. (There are so many secrets I can’t share here on this blog) You’re right in that we ourselves live in a confused and chaotic world, and to be honest a lot of my characters are very confused by their lives too (as you’ve probably noticed! :D) I’m so glad I’m no longer on my own, it means so much more that their stories can be shared with people who truly understand this world. Thanks Tim Berners-Lee for the internet and thank you, Rick and everyone who reads Unbound Boxes, for helping to keep these stories alive. Cheryl

  3. Another great issue, Cheryl. It’s so hard to write sympathetic upbeat stories, but you seem to do it with ease. I think you must really love your characters. I’m very excited thinking what your manuscript might look like…(really interesting interview, by the way) looking forward to #54.

    1. Hi Richard, I’m really glad the lighter moments translate well. Alex and Ancille have a very strong relationship, but this is the point where Ancille is becoming more adult and Alexand (bless her) never really grows up! (although she is incredibly tuned in emotionally, she is a rather chaotic woman) I’d love to share the novel one day, as there are so many things I have to keep to myself and not disclose in any of these short stories and it’s really painful lol. I’m pleased I could share one of their moments with you. Yes, the interview, you read that too!!! *happy dance* 😀

  4. Oh wow! I really enjoyed this. I was sucked in tremendously. I really dig the mother-daughter relationship and how it’s loving, but chaotic. Kind of reminds me of me and my mom, but the chaotic part.

    I have to stop by here more often. I need to write short stories again. I really dig your work. I love the artwork too by the way. Awesome. It screams ALIVE!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. I’ve fallen so far behind reading posts and am trying to catch up. I’ve missed visiting your world and coming back is like re-entering a favorite dream. As always I am awed by your writing and art…

  6. I have nominated your blog for “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you want to accept the award, please check my blog for rules etc: paharidotme.wordpress.com

  7. I am taken by the stance and life in all of your illustrations; the haunting looks, the attitude that jumps off of the page. Ancille Merevija currently is my favorite in her character and especially in the colored illustration where she is on the left with her arm on her hip. Even with people dancing, you get the movements just so. You are truly amazing. Have you had anyone approach you for publishing or do you wish to do that, or no? I am blown away at your talent.

    1. Thank you Lee, for your kind comments. I’m glad you like Ancille, she’s also one of my favourites and doesn’t get much story time, regrettably. At the moment the first manuscript’s with an editor, and I’m planning on approaching publishers in the future. Can’t wait to get it released some time. BTW, you’ve inspired me to write another story for Ancille. I’m dedicating it to you. It’ll be issue 84: Ancille Merevija Part 3. Thank you so much. Cheryl

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