Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 493: Jarad Vijay Part 10

Two months have passed since Alexand decided to live away from Jarad in the military base, after their house was found to be bugged. He visits her each week, stays the night occasionally, but always retreats back to his shack in the woods. The military base is no place for a family, and he has come to talk with Alexand and try to convince her to come back home.

Jarad’s back story, set in India (3992)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 481: Angels from the Future Part 13

The Guild Master’s General returns Katherine to the safety of the Kyuunansen ship, after showing her a future world, which resembled heaven. (This issue is dedicated to my dad, Eric Moore, who died 25 years ago today, the day after my 21st Birthday. Alexand and Heyem were (or will be) born on 2nd December, so this day represents both death and life. Love outlasts death.)

Katherine’s back story, set onboard the Kyuunansen (3992)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 420: The Wolf in the Woods

Lord Filius Anderson has personally followed Alexand around, ever since she exposed the Amanojuko live in front of the world. He has camped out in the woods near Alexand’s house, and is currently observing her and her husband as they sit on a flat roof having dinner. He has planted bugs all over their cabin, and is listening into their conversation. He is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make Colonel Merek ‘disappear’, as she has caused great damage to the safety of his vision for a new world order.

Filius’ back story, set in India (3992)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 419: March

Alex has been rather secretive since she returned back from Georges De Somme’s mansion, but Jarad is pleasantly surprised as she has invited him up onto the flat roof of their house. There is a table and a candlelit dinner, (which he believes she has had delivered from a nearby takeaway as she is an appalling cook.)

Jarad’s back story, set in India, (3992)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 414: An Unlikely Philanthropist

Alexand and Jarad returned home, back to Jarad’s house, which is in the middle of the woods. There are no other houses for miles, which was ideal for Alexand, as she sees it as a retreat from her stressful military life. She can be part of two worlds, whist remaining blissfully outside of both. She and Jarad have spent the night making love, as they have done every night, since they returned from Hong Kong. (Please be warned this issue contains some scenes, some readers may find offensive. If so then you may prefer to read issue # 344: Jay and Ali where Katherine gets her cloned cat back.)

Alexand’s back story, set in India (3992)