Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 40: The Guild Master’s General Part 2 (Two year anniversary special)

After a mission in Louisiana, The Guild Master’s General fell asleep, exhausted. In his dreams, his wife waits for him, but his mind remains fixed on the vile life he leads in reality. (See: The Guild Master’s General Part One.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

The Guild Master’s General, Louisiana USA (4042)

35 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 40: The Guild Master’s General Part 2 (Two year anniversary special)

  1. I love your art work, but i have to say that following your story line is a bit hard, even with the timeline that you have provided, each indivdual writing is impressive and is like a short story for that point but I am having a hard time stringing them all together, please dont be angry I am just having a hard time piecing it together. If you had a way to show me better how the story line goes it would be much appericated.

    1. Hi Dan! I’m not angry, actually that’s a question I asked myself before the short stories began. I’ve written a full manuscript which I’m seeking publication for at the moment. (Called Unbound Boxes Limping Gods) In this, there’s a beginning, a middle and end. I’m sorry the timeline for the micro stories had that affect on you. As you pointed out, there are large gaps in between the short stories, and my only remedy really is that after each post, more and more of those gaps are filled by new stories. If you’re looking for a smoother read, this experimental style may not be what you as a reader are looking for in that respect. I’m glad you like them as individual pieces though. These short stories are not as fulfilling as a full blown novel, and are like looking through a keyhole at flickers of the character’s lives. I can’t really suggest a quick fix, but hope that one day I can produce a full novel, as there are a lot of things I can’t post here until I publish it. (Keeping my fingers crossed.) I’m glad you took the time to read the stories. (The ‘Characters’ tab at the top is also there for added insight into the backgrounds of individuals, but again it isn’t going to help much with orientation. Possibly the opposite, but I’m very appreciative of your feedback. Thank you. Cheryl

      1. I still will read everything you put out here in of itself it is great, and I do so hope that you get a full novel together and published if only for my selfish reasons, I want to read the whole thing from beginning to end and experience it in the way it was meant, i am hoping that i have caused you no harm.
        With much gratitude and devotion,
        Dan Kline

      2. Dan, wanting to read the full novel is the opposite of doing me harm. You’ve made me very happy, and I’m so glad you want to read more stories. Thanks for your honesty. Cheryl

    1. Thank you, Steven! I’ve got to work out how to add pages, so I can post this award on a separate page to my stories, but I think they may be incompatible with the theme I’m using. I’m not having much luck, but I’ll keep trying. (Need to get more wordpress savvy!) Will add your blog to my links page when I update it. Thank you!!! Cheryl

      1. You’re welcome. Great blogs deserve recognition!
        Good luck with your theme. If all else fails, you could post the award’s pic on your sidebar.

  2. I’m amazed by you. Your writing, your drawing is extraordinary. You’re clearly and truly talented in more than one aspect of an artist’s mind, and I hope you continue to grow, expand, and refine your creativity over the years to come.

    1. Hi Michael! Thank you. BTW your blog is very original and I found a paper on gender analysis, which I hope you didn’t mind me reading. It made a lot of sense to me. Anyway, your photography is rich and I love the word plays. I appreciate you taking time to read my stories. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me. Cheryl

  3. Thank you for visiting my site. Your stories and illustrations are amazing. Although, your poetry speaks volumes as well. I tried to comment on a few poems but could not find the “comment” link. Look forward to reading more…

    1. Thank you, and likewise! (Yes I need to sort out my website and turn the links into pages so people can comment on the poems too.) Good to meet you. Thanks for taking time to read the stories and poetry. Cheryl

  4. Awwww…! This one is truly AMAZING. You are really WISE enough for this IDEALISTIC creations Cheryl Moore. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for checking out blog too. Keep in touch. Have a great day ahead. Cheers.\m/ ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It’s my own pleasure to find out your world with WONDERS of photographic skills! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
        Cheers.\m/ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks so much or stopping by my blog and or the follow. Great stuff on here. Having issues with WP paging my comments but hopefully you will get this :).

  6. I love your work, it’s great! I really appreciate it. I would have like to draw myself some of my characters.. I’m not as good as you ๐Ÿ˜€ . I konw it’s hard to build so many characters and keep them connected. I’m impressed. Lookin for your publication. Bless you!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely draw your characters, it helps you to connect with them, you should try it! Good to meet you and I’m glad you like the stories. ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheryl

      1. thenk to you Cheryl, I’ll think about it, but really I’m a childish illustrator! Writing is my first passion, if I was smarter I would have studied both, but…. doesn’t matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. ๐Ÿ˜€ Bye for now, and thank you for taking so much time to read my stories, it means a lot, and you’re very welcome here!

  7. I actually like reading these rather disjointed snippets. The atmosphere is the same, but the story fluctuates.Bit like real life I suppose. Love the portraits btw, especially Samuel and Margaret.

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