Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 39: Katherine De Somme Part 2

Katherine has been in military correction for four years. (See issue 6: Katherine De Somme) Although her parents (George and Kavita) abandoned her, she still writes to them and records messages for them, sending them to her parent’s house every month, without fail. She hopes one day they decide to forgive her for accidentally killing her sister, Lali. She hasn’t heard a word from her parents in all the time she’s been in the military. (Note, also features Inajda Rekaya, Alexand and Heyem Merek’s mother.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine De somme’s back story, set in India, (3967)

59 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 39: Katherine De Somme Part 2

  1. Hi. Thank you for liking my post. This is an interesting excerpt…I’ll be sure to try read some more in the future! Your illustrations are amazingly done as well!

      1. I’m so glad you enjoy my poetry! It’s wonderful to meet you too, Cheryl! Thank you also for following my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Lesley, you have a wonderful blog. Good to meet you. Yes, I feel for Katherine, but it doesn’t hurt me as much as I suppose it should. (It also depends on the story and whether it’s something I can directly relate to.) Although I care deeply for her, my emotions are only temporary, as I know what happens in her future. I love the fact these events shape her life and build her character. There is underlaying hope in everything I write, and Katherine’s story is a great example of this. (I do want to give her a big hug though! :D)

    1. Hi, Tim. Thank you, that means a lot. You have a very informative blog that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Good to meet you. Cheryl

  2. Wow! Never thought to use a blog this way! I’ve got lots of reading to do 🙂 What a teaser this post is! And you did all the illustrations too? Double-wow!! Thanks for the visit and follow on my blog.

  3. Cheryl,
    I hesitate to write this to you here, as it should be a comment on the above post, but being unable to find another location…I will go ahead if you don’t mind. I am absolutely amazed you have the time to browse, much less read, others works. This body of work that you have showcased here is an amazing feat. The character illustrations alone are worthy of their own gallery. The way you have designed your site makes it so easy for the new fan to begin at the beginning, and it is quite inspired. What a tremendous amount of work. So very well done. I am happy you took the time to visit me and thrilled with your follow, though admittedly, surprised. But, in the best possible way. I look forward to entering your Unbound Boxes…I wish I had more hours in the day…I have a feeling once ensconced I will not want to leave!

    1. Thank you Rhonda, I was really touched when I read this. Thank you for your very kind words. As for WordPress, I see it like a jungle, and I’m here walking alone, getting lost and occasionally stumbling into other people’s camps. It’s an adventure and I really enjoy spending time at those camps, before I have to leave and make my way through the jungle on my own again. It’s always good to know there are other artists and writers out there. This site is revolutionary. I’m pleased to have stumbled into your camp. Cheryl

      1. So am I, it’s one the the most well done, fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyable ones I’ve seen. Best of luck with the publishing end, meantime, i’m glad your here.

  4. Cheryl–You have an amazing gift for story telling as well as drawing. Thanks for stopping by to see me, and I will of a certainty be following you…. Amazing.

  5. I like your observational writing style and the phrasing. The latter is short and simple, yet it manages to instantly grab and hold my attention . A good example of ”less is more” .

    1. Thank you, Claudia. BTW, your poem, She didn’t sing the blues, but she could’ve, right? (oh– and a business trip) is so cleverly written. It’s good to meet you. Cheryl

  6. Hi Cheryl
    Thanks for following my blog.
    Your blog is truly amazing. A whole universe, painstakingly built, fantastic illustrations. I wish you success in publishing.

    1. Thank you, Annerose, I appreciate it. I also found your Driveby Landscape art blog. The colours and textures are blended beautifully. I especially like the painting entitled, “Cutblock Music 6”. Good to meet you. Cheryl

  7. Hello!
    Thank you for following my blog.
    I enjoyed reading your stories very much and your illustrations are also very great and vivid. I wish you the best of luck.
    Harry Caine

  8. I love this beautiful mosaic of disjointed but related stories and art. All connected and fractured at once, a crackle glass of work of creativity. It’s a wonderful style you have!

  9. It’s tragic that Katherine killed her own sister and that her parents don’t seem to acknowledge it was purely by accident. I wonder what will happen next..

      1. I read the other parts about Yemi. Her character died too. 🙁

        Cheryl, how’s the weather in England? It is freakin’ hot.. the past days, here in Holland.

      2. It’s about 30 degrees here, and all my cats (I have 4) are looking really overheated! They’re doing a lot of sleeping, bless them! I’m hoping it’s beach weather on Saturday! How hot is it in Holland?

      3. The wind is cooler today than yesterday. It is about the same temperature. My husband said that it was 30 degrees, yesterday. Whewwwww!!! I think Saturday will be rain and a little sun for us.

      4. Ah, we need the summer! I’m looking forward to the sun! My son needs to get out onto the sand and run some energy off! LOL

      5. Perfect babysitting. You let them get tired. They go to sleep…You are free to do whatever, after. heehee!

  10. Oops! I think the weather is melting both our brains, right now. You said Yemi and I said Yemi, but we really meant Katharine. LOL! 😀

    1. LOL, my OCD would have had me edit the name a few years ago, but I’ll leave it there as Yemi. (You know I love Katherine more than most of the others 😀 )

  11. It’s good that you were not tempted to change our mistakes. I have OCD too. I mispelled Katherine. LMAO! 😀

    I think I love all of your characters, but Heyem still stands out.

    1. LOL! Katherine also has OCD, and is very particular. I’m glad you like Heyem, she’s misunderstood, and I LOVE writing for her, she comes out with some pretty funny lines sometimes, bless her! (Although she doesn’t realise it most of the time!)

      1. Yup, just like my sister…Hahaha! That is why I like her, because I understand her completely..or do I really? 😉

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