Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 145: You’re In The Army Now Part 19

It took Alexand’s division just under a month to reach Australia by boat. She has been there for a week and has been administering the plague victims with their own supply of injections, as part of a trial to see how much longer Katherine’s serum adds to the lifespan of this control group. Attempting to perform her duty, Alex has found it difficult imagining Katherine at home, getting sicker. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Alexand's backstory, set in Australia (3990)
Alexand’s backstory, set in Australia (3990)

8 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 145: You’re In The Army Now Part 19

  1. What can I say Cheryl. Brilliantly written and fantastically illustrated. It seems there’s no end to your talents. I’m still hoping for a happy outcome.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. Hi David, thank you, I’m really glad you’re enjoying this series, and am always encouraged by your continued support. Best wishes to you, Cheryl.

  2. Fabulous writing and drawing as always Cheryl. She doesn’t mention her stolen ‘writer’ although it must be a huge loss. Is this why she can’t communicate with Katherine directly? As David I am hoping for a happy outcome…

    1. Hi John, thank you. Yes, that’s right. Usually they’d be able to meet up in secret using their writers, but that option’s been taken. They do have communication devices in each army base, but this is strictly forbidden for military operatives, unless there is an emergency.

    1. Thanks Lee, I wish I could tell you more, I’m still writing this series, and can’t wait to release the other episodes so you can find out! Glad you’re enjoying reading.

  3. Hi Cheryl! You really know how to ratchet up the tension. The odds are firmly stacked against them now. I too hope for a happy outcome. The drawings are beautiful – is your novel illustrated?

    1. Thanks, Richard, 😀 The novel isn’t illustrated, as I’m in the process of approaching agents, although it seems to take months to get feedback, (Have only approached 2 so far, as I’m submitting exclusively) so in a few more months if tumbleweeds pile up, I may consider self publishing. If I do then it will give me the freedom to illustrate each chapter. (To be honest I’d love to illustrate it)

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