Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 135: You’re In The Army Now Part 13

Katherine and Alex went to see a research scientist involved in diagnostics for ancient (and extinct) diseases. (Her name is Dr Bhati and she is also working for Field Marshal Panak. Her laboratory is inside the secret Christmas Island hideout the resistance have acquired.) CLICK HERE for next story in the series.

Katherine's backstory set on Christmas Island, Australia (3990)
Katherine’s backstory set on Christmas Island, Australia (3990)

21 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 135: You’re In The Army Now Part 13

    1. Thanks, Apurva, I’m glad you’re enjoying this story. (I don’t want Katherine to die either 🙂 ) One thing about Kat is that she almost never gives up..

    1. Thanks Richard, glad you’re still enjoying this series. (I’m still writing it!) :O I think it’s going to span an entire year!

  1. Did I miss something?…I don’t understand why the government is against cures. I know Kat won’t die, she is too important to the narrative. What fascinates me is how much reader’s comments influence your writing…do they? Is this a communal story in that sense? Whatever, your art and words are as addictive as ever…

    1. Thanks John. That’s an interesting point. Most of the story is fixed, but there are certainly some aspects, that are influenced by readers, and a few character arcs which people have asked me to write more in depth about. A good example is Giselle Balsara and Toreth Rek-cho, whose stories evolved from reader requests. This story however, isn’t as organic as that, and is one of the original story lines. I like the interaction though between reader and writer. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I haven’t written much about the government so you haven’t missed anything. In fact the only reference to the government is in Lucy Apfvarzian’s story, where we hear about the rather Orwellian “Bureau of Complaints,” http://wp.me/pXe9M-AT

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