Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 123: Amanojuko Part 8

After Alex recovered from her injuries enough to see again, she and Katherine asked for Inajda’s help in locating the illusive Professor Anesidor Sumian. Sumian had mysteriously disappeared from radar due to the dangers faced by the resistance. Inajda has brought them to Sumian’s transient laboratory, so that Katherine has a greater chance of analysing the blood samples, with Sumian’s state of the art (and very illegal) technology. CLICK HERE for next chronological story

Alexand's backstory set in Professor Sumian's transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)
Alexand’s backstory set in Professor Sumian’s transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)

31 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 123: Amanojuko Part 8

  1. Ah, I know what I’m doing this evening. I’ve been SO busy and consumed with launching that I haven’t treated myself to reading something wonderful — tonight I shall catch up on Unbound Boxes Limping Gods. After all — when last I read, Katherine was still quite ill — I have to see how that turned out!

    1. Hi Helena, thanks, and welcome back! BTW I’m going to Amazon right now to get me a copy of All Hail the New Flesh, (there’s a Kindle copy in the UK Amazon too) Can’t wait to read it and congrats! ………….Bought!

    1. Hi John, yes there are still a lot of mothers and fathers! I use 120g/m2 paper and usually 2b and F Daler Rowney pencils depending on the light in the scene, then scan it into photoshop and press Apply Image to give it more depth. (Sometimes the scanner doesn’t pick up some of the finer details so I use that to compensate)

      1. Thanks for the media info Cheryl. Happy to know there are still human parents in your future world, thought for sure they would have been replaced by fertile technology…cybermom, avatardad…

      2. Neh, their world’s pretty much like ours in that respect 😀 (although there are restrictions on technological advances, which we would see as regressive.)

  2. God, I love your aesthetic, Cheryl – it seems familiar, but totally new and unique. And it’s there in text and image. Just been reading John Berger on photography – he has interesting things to say about the interplay between writing and pictures. Another great issue.

    1. Thanks Richard 🙂 Glad you like the story so far. I’ve just seen part of a documentary on John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, this was in relation to the changing perspectives of the viewers relationship with painting and its context. (There are a lot of clips on Youtube) He’s an interesting man, I need to read more from him.

    1. Hi Vera thank you, yes I’m really enjoying introducing these relationships and all the intricacies involved in this situation. Inajda’s absence from Alex’s life was something I wanted to explore in more detail, and I’m glad this story is giving me the opportunity to form a bond between them. (I’m also glad Katherine has been given a new motivation)

  3. I’m all out of story, Cheryl. I’M ALL OUT OF STORY!!!
    I can’t believe I hadn’t read since late December. Well, actually I can. For the month of January, I was preparing the Memoirs, writing a longish short-story, preparing it and other story for publishing in an e-book format, and all the while I was sick for two weeks. So, yeah.. January was weird. Throw in the harshest winter I’ve ever experienced, and I think I let some things slip. But hey, then I got to read a big chunk of Unbound Boxes… all at once. Now get writing, darling! Katherine and Alex need your help!

    1. Oh yes, you live in Canada, don’t you? How are things at the moment snow wise? (We have floods here, strange year) BTW I also need to do some catching up and start reading All Hail the New Flesh on my Kindle. Some weekend reading for me I think! (Have written and illustrated the next 12 stories, and a further 2 which need illustrating. This story will probably be ongoing throughout this year,) Please let me know when the Memoirs are available as I really want to read them.

      1. Very soon. Keep watching. The story I wrote in January just got released today — it’s called Three Cigarettes, and without spoiling anything, if you have any love for Greek mythology and tales of vengeance/retribution, you’ll love this one.

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m also glad I found your blog again as I love your very delicate and detailed art, you’re a versatile designer. Thanks for stopping here too. I’m actuallly compiling a list of my favourite sites, which is how I found you again, so I can revisit. All the best, Cheryl

    1. Thanks, Siddiqui, that reminds me, I’d better add that Click here button to the ones I’ve missed! Glad you’re enjoying this series 😀 (There are five more issues after the one you’ve just read) I’ll add the link.

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