Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 75: Gianti Dincrind

Gianti Dincrind has been charged with the development of Project H, turning humans into wraiths, called Haernyarn. The Haernyarn are proposed to act as future guards for the growing number of Amanojuko Lords and Ladies, privileged enough to have been granted immortality. Gianti is not yet an Amanojuko, but has been promised a chance at being selected if she manages to successfully create Haernyarn from the prisoners on board the Floating Asylum. Unfortunately the process is unstable, and usually results in the subject’s death. Gianti is looking for a way of transmitting the virus from a haernyarn to a human, by genetically altering DNA and is about to make a breakthrough. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Gianti’s back story, set onboard The Floating Asylum, somewhere in the Arabian Sea. (3993)

35 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 75: Gianti Dincrind

    1. Hi Donesha, thank you, I’m glad you like it, and thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it. You write your first chapter last!? 😀

      1. Hello!
        Yes, and then I’ll change the title like eight times before I’m completely, completely finished!

        You’re very welcome


  1. Cheryl, I’ve been following this series, usually reading them at night. Last post, though, the floating asylum stuck in my brain. I went to sleep and had a dream about floating forever – like being granted Amanojuko. What a series you’ve created!

    1. Hi Allyson, thank you, it’s strange to me that something I wrote affected you in that way, blows my mind :). Thanks for reading, it means a lot and encourages me to carry on.

  2. Hi Cheryl! That is such a beautiful drawing – you’ve rendered Gianti’s callous nature so succinctly. It complements the text really well – truly a harsh empty vessel – I wonder what she hopes to do with her immortality.

    1. Hi Richard, yes she’s one of the coldest characters so far, that’s a good point, I’m sure she’ll hope to become one of the Amanojuko’s main research scientists. There’s a whole hierarchy forming with these lords and ladies, and she wants to be a big part of it. (I don’t think I’d care for immortality much, myself…)

  3. Nice… anything in this world about where DNA comes from in antiquity that altering it could be an unleashing? What power is in the DNA and why? A genesis could show a whole prequel.

    1. Hi Andy, that’s a good question, I’ll have to get Georges or Katherine De Somme to answer that one for me. There will be some more stories centred around the genesis of this virus in the future.

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