Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 68: Heyem Merek Part 3

Heyem was asked to meet up with her sister, Alexand, on a matter of urgency. (See Heyem Merek Part 2) She has very important things to do and isn’t impressed by the intrusion, as it breaks into her work schedule. (Painting on the wall behind, based on a print by Käthe Kollwitz, “Woman With A Dead Child,” 1903) (Note: When referring to Alexand’s ‘brood’ Heyem means Alexand’s children, Samuel, Ancille and Anastasia Merevija.) This story is set a few hours after and is directly related to Toreth Rek-cho, (issue 67) and will continue, (by request) with “The Other Side” (Parts 1 – 3) and conclude with “Toreth Rek-cho Part 4” (A special thank you to Pamela Spiro Wagner for encouraging me to continue this story and to stop taunting for once! On this occasion the reader gave life to a story and the writer kept it alive. Thank you Pam, the forthcoming issues wouldn’t exist without you.) (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Heyem’s back story, set in Hong Kong and Christmas Island, Australia. (4003)

25 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 68: Heyem Merek Part 3

  1. Oh Cheryl! This is building really well. I liked the last one, now I REALLY want to read the next piece! Great job! This story plot reminds me of the movie “V for Vendetta”.

  2. I casually observed that you were mentioning the year 4005 and 4006. That’s interesting, since according to the best evidence and the best minds- there won’t be any humans on earth by then–ha-ha-ha- I don’t know if I believe that, but something serious will happen to humanity is we know it today, before that 2000 years ahead of today happens. Other than that, I love your story, and as usual-your illustrations.


    1. Hi Richard, I’m also glad, as it’s been an exciting series to write. I’m illustrating my fingers off at the moment (I’m going to have to replace them with metal) but it’ll be worth it hopefully! Yes a big thank you to Pam!

  3. I find your multimedia storytelling really refreshing. Your character profiles are wonderful, and illustrations beautiful but also haunting, which makes them even more endearing

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