Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 613: Damenklub Violetta

After allowing Heyem to apply her makeup and disguise her alopecia, Alexand took her past sister to Berlin 1926, in the height of the Weimar Republic, to one of her and Katherine’s favourite drag clubs, Damenklub Violetta, led by their dear friend, Lotte Hahm. (If you enjoy these stories, please consider donating to the Drag Defense Fund, a charity supported by the American Civil Liberties Union, fighting the current backlash against LGBTQ+ artists and people, who simply want to live their lives with the same rights as everybody else in this world.) Take me with you, Alexand, for I am dying here.

Heyem’s back story, set in Berlin, Germany (1926)

2 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 613: Damenklub Violetta

  1. Well done on a great episode, littered with so much factual history of a woman so imjportant to your real life cause. I hope the 2024 election will advance the Democratic cause so much that all the anti LGBTQ legislation can be dismissed instantly in the States where it’s an issue currently/ Live and Let Live is the way forward without any religious interference. Hugs

    1. Thank you, David, yes over the past few decades, I’ve learnt that warriors come in different guises and that both worlds could do with more words and less weapons. You are one of the good guys in this world. Big hugs to you!

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