Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 605: Thirteenth Anniversary Special Part 3: Iosif Merek

Iosif, had delivered six letters, and persuaded four of the invitees to meet with the Guild Master’s General in the old werewolf enclosure. Iosif’s older sister, Iyzebel, (born on Civil Earth in peacetime, the fourth eldest Merek, after Farokh,) together with his younger sister, Yelena Merek, (Inajda and Eric’s youngest daughter) Ayo Apfvarzian, (eldest son of Juba and Lucy Apfvarzian) and Omorose Merek-Balsara, (Heyem Merek and Yemi Balsara’s daughter) Iosif and the others, watch as the Guild Master’s General eats up the meal Hope had laid out for him on a picnic rug.

Iosif’s back story, set in Professor Sumian’s Fourth Dimensional Training Grounds,(4487)

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