Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 91: Baio-Yujia’s Ghost Part 2 (3 year anniversary special)

After another restless night, Alexand was woken by what she believes to be the ghost of her friend Baio-Yujia Sun. Unable to sleep, she retreats to the one person (Katherine De Somme) she hopes could help her find out the cause of the apparent haunting, or at lease empathise with her nightmares. This story is dedicated to everyone who has followed, supported me, commented on, shared thoughts, liked, read this series, critiqued, re-blogged,  awarded, made friends (and on occasion fallen in love) with the characters, over the past three years. Without you I’d be writing to and drawing at imaginary people. You help to keep these stories alive and encourage me to one day get the first manuscript published. Thank you, without you, my characters are ghosts inside my head, scribbled on paper. (This story follows Baio-Yujia’s Ghost Part 1.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Alexand Merek and Katherine De Somme. Saskatoon Military base, India, (3985)
Alexand Merek and Katherine De Somme. Saskatoon Military base, India, (3985)

39 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 91: Baio-Yujia’s Ghost Part 2 (3 year anniversary special)

    1. Thanks Vera, I really enjoy writing stories for Alex and Katherine, I’m so glad you like them, and that Alexand’s attempt at repressing her feelings is taken as quite a sweet act. I find her attempts endearing and I love the way Katherine is able to foil her so effortlessly in these early stages of their relationship.

  1. I really enjoyed this one, it illustrated very well the clash between the creative and the scientific, between dream and reality. A subject that I find very interesting. It also very brilliantly poses the question of whether there is any difference between dreaming and seeing ghosts. On to Part one.

    1. Hi, yes I can see that scientific, inquisitive element in your writing too, which incidentally I’m enjoying reading each week. I love juxtaposing Alex’s emotionality and creativity with Katherine’s more methodical scientific thought processes. Somehow they compliment each other, and in their future, complete each other. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed part one too!

    1. Thank you, Apurva, I love writing for them too and always get excited when I release a story involving them. (The next few issues feature Katherine and Alex.)

  2. Hi, Cheryl! This is such a great love story – it’s great to be able to dip back into it – after having read the previous issues – there are all sorts of interesting tensions from knowing certain things about Alexand and Katherine’s futures and pasts. Your writing is so rich (and the drawings are beautiful and tender as always). Plus, I like your dedication:)

    1. Thanks Richard, I’m so glad you’re here with me and that jumping through time is an exciting experience rather than disorientating. I see these stories a bit like memories, (or indeed stories about loved ones we’ve heard out of order. We know our friends and family in their present tense and usually find out about events in their past in little snippets throughout the years we know them) Stories don’t necessarily come in order, we can find meaning by connecting strings of events together, regardless of their order, and I’m thankful for the complexity of the human brain. When I started this three years ago I had no idea about how much support I’d receive. I’m very lucky! I love the fact that you already know almost as much as I do about Katherine and Alexand’s love story and that you are open to being taken to any place or time.

    1. Katherine says “Thank you, Helena” although she’s so modest she isn’t able to figure out why you like her more than any of the others, (even though I love her too more than most and have a million reasons for liking Kat) but she is VERY pleased!! And thanks also Helena for being a part of this three year anniversary celebration I’m having for this story. I appreciate it.

  3. You know you are an absolute jewel, don’t you? Well, in case you don’t because of your humble nature, I am telling you: You are an absolute jewel. I love your artwork and I love your stories. When you dedicated part of your great three year work to me, I was and am still so very touched. There is no one that is like you and there never will be. Take care of yourself (remember that) so your soul, imagination and stories can live on for all of us to loose ourselves in. My love to you.

    1. Lee, you just made me cry, (in a happy way) we are all connected and in this short life must give gifts to one another. Kind words and thoughts are some of the greatest gifts I’ve received. Transcending everyday life is a necessity for me and I’m privileged to be able to share my escapism with you and everyone else who reads these stories. Thank you, and love to you also. Cheryl.

  4. browsing here, I got rerouted to your illustrations on Flickr. They are truly stunning! Very expressive. I almost forgot that they are “just” illustrations and that there are written stories behind them…? What, they speak by their own, telling their own story!!!
    …so I should not forget to come back here and….read.

    1. Thank you, J, I’m glad you liked the illustrations and you’re welcome to read the stories any time. I’m enjoying your posts about NY art btw. Good to meet you, Cheryl

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