Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 55: Love In A Box

After returning back to Saskatoon military base, from her father’s funeral, Alexand Merek ponders her future. She lost the fingers on her right hand when a man in a balaclava sliced them off, (See The Guild Master’s General Part 1) She sits redundantly by the piano in the entertainment bar, wondering how she will ever play again. (Also featured in this story, is Alexand’s close friend and superior officer, Katherine De Somme) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Saskatoon Military base, India. Katherine De Somme and Alexand Merek (3988)

54 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 55: Love In A Box

  1. Cheryl, Another great post with images that make us think and words that paint even more images and surprise us and shock us and make us all realize where our humanity is based. Thanks for sharing another story with us. Wally

  2. Perfect! An exquisitely rounded scene, neither over-written nor too spare. There is such music here as to be almost audible. great writing – I think the best I have read of yours so far.

  3. Can’t wait till next part… cheryl, I think you are a wonderful writer… while reading it I was so drawn into the story. Love it, written with feeling. thankyou. Wow!

    1. Hi Andy, good to meet you. I’m glad you feel that way. This is a story I’ve been wanting to release for a while now and am pleased to share it with you. Cheryl

  4. I love this! I’m going to have to go back and read the whole thing. I love reading. And the illustrations are astounding! Great work.

  5. Wow. This blog is amazing! Your art is incredible and your writing is so moving! I love the way you detail your characters. It really draws you in. I’m looking forward to readings your posts!

  6. Hi, heartening to read your stuff here. Here’s wishing that your works soon hit book stores all over. Love the illustrations, hope you will retain them in the novels you write. Have you thought of doing a graphic novel too. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Snehith, thank you! I’m still trying to imagine how best to publish the novel, and the graphic novel option is one of those thoughts, although it would take me years to complete the drawings and for some reason I’m thinking maybe the novel would complement these stories (and vice versa) without the use of illustrations. I may do a graphic novel one day though. I’m glad you like the stories, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, I appreciate it. Cheryl

  7. Love this episode, Cheryl. Full of great revelations, from the contents of the box on. Your illustrations are great works in themselves – but I love the interplay with the text. What is Alex going to play first, I wonder?

    1. Thanks Richard, BTW I’ve browsed some of your latest photography, and the fashion shots are very cool. Wish I was that cool lol 😀 Alex composed a song for Katherine shortly after this evening’s events 🙂

  8. Once again you have drawn me in to your world and i don’t want to stop reading or looking at your artwork. I can’t wait until your writing is published…

    1. Thanks John, I’m sitting here editing the second manuscript, wondering about publication and hoping some day I can share it with you too. (Better get manuscript one published first lol) 🙂

  9. Cheryl…thank you for following me, first of all. And by doing so, introducing me to your stories. Are you also the illustrator?

    I absolutely LOVE this line: “Dad’s ghost is so disgusted; he can’t even be bothered to haunt me.”

    I haven’t read much fiction in a very long time. Your words draw me in. I’ll look forward to reading.


    1. Hi Coral, you’re welcome, (“Bandaids don’t help” is a beautifully touching poem) and as for liking Love In A Box, that means a lot (especially since Alexand is one of my most precious characters) Thank you, you’re welcome here any time. My characters say “Hi.” Cheryl

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for following me on my Walk On blog. I have just read one of your stories and am very impressed. With time I will read them all because I look forward to examing your work.
    Have a great day.

  11. Hi. Thanks for your interest in my photo blog. I must confess that I am not much of a reader. Can’t stay focused on words for more than 20 seconds. I like your drawings. All the characters are individuals with their own identity. Do you imagine them; or are they based on photo’s, or people you know? Cheers, harrie

    1. Hi Harrie, you’re welcome and thank you, glad you stopped by here too. Some of the characters are based on people and most have some qualities of people I’ve known, it depends on the character and also the story I’m writing at that time. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. BTW I am very impressed with your portfolio of work. You have an unusual and refreshing way of viewing the world and the way you translate your vision is incredibly effective. I love your art. Cheryl

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