Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 18: The Floating Asylum (One year anniversary special)

Juba Apfvarzian was a good magician. He woke up in an asylum ship, after performing a particularly skilful illusion. Magic can apparently get you into a lot of trouble, in an increasingly intolerant world. Alexand Merek has survived for three years inside the asylum, outliving everyone. She doesn’t know how she has survived, she just wants to be somewhere far away. (This asylum is responsible for the events leading up to issue # 1 of this series.) You can also read The Floating Asylum Parts Two, Three and Four. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

The Floating Asylum, somewhere in The Pacific Ocean. Alexand Merek and Juba Apfvarzian (3995)

13 thoughts on “Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 18: The Floating Asylum (One year anniversary special)

  1. As usual, you’re creeoy. I think what really adds to the sense of foreboding is the lack of explanation. No why. These horrible things are just happening. There’s an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

    I love Juba’s expression.

  2. Juba is cool, isn’t he!!!!! (A few people, JAAAAASI…. *grins* seem to have fallen for him..he’s one of my favs..as well as Alexand..) The sense of helplessness is really important as it adds to the reader’s understanding of these characters, in particular, in the books.. or that’s the plan. The books aren’t as bleak as these foul stories, but I love the fact that my characters are (although damaged) survivors. In the first book, Alexand and Juba don’t discuss what happened to them, as both are the sort of people who avoid negative thoughts, to the point where they become quite delirious and hopeful, inspiring types. Both are quite positive characters, but this gruesome event in their lives adds to their rather pathological need to avoid dwelling on negativity, but reveal that despite their apparent amiability, both hide behind their charm, covering their more sinister life experiences, to protect those around them, (and themselves).

  3. really liked this, and stumbled across as the best things tend to be. Great idea, the asylum is stark, cold and the characters shine. Illustrations are excellent, disturbed faces in a distorted mirror – Will be looking for more.

  4. My fantasy series is about teens who walk through dreams. In one variant of Earth, it has become a place where nightmares can readily walk out of dreams into the “real” world. With that possibility, anyone with an imagination can easily become dangerous. As I explored that story, I ended up realizing a child’s life could be endangered for something as simple as the authorities finding out he’s a musician. This bit of your story reminded me of that. With just a single twist, all of the rules can change.

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