Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 357: The Cure Part 5

Katherine has grown impatient and as the fifth day of her recovery approaches, post-surgery, she is curious to peek out of her bandages, to find out if she can see properly, and more importantly, gain access to her laboratory. (This story is dedicated to my mum, as it is her birthday very soon. My mum, Barbara, is one of the kindest, wisest, warmest, happiness-inducing and funniest people I have ever known, and as some readers know, Alexand Merek is very loosely based on her, although Mum would probably disagree. Happy Birthday Mum, I love you so much xxx)

Katherine’s back story, set on board the Kyuunansen (3991)

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories: Issue # 259: Afterlife

Professors De somme and Sumian, took a very frail but relieved Katherine to Inajda’s cabin in Russia (after giving her a blood shield) The cure has stopped her body degenerating further, and will allow her to recover in time, but she is very weak and can’t walk. They have left her on a bench outside Inajda’s cabin and told her they will collect her in a month’s time.

Katherine's back story, set in Russia (3991)
Katherine’s back story, set in Russia (3991)